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Bosnian Taste Food Tour

Try delicious meals from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Price:On request


Bosnian Taste Food Tour

We want to offer you possibility to try delicious meals from Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can choose what kind of food you want to taste and our team will be on your hand to organize tasty tour which you will never forget. The Bosnian food is famous all around the world, because it is unique mix of different cultures that were part of BiH throughout the history. You can taste unique meat meal, all sorts of cheese, adorable river fishes, more than great sweet meals, or maybe homemade pie and different kind of jam or honey.

If you are foodie, you will find your taste tour, that is for sure.

Short info

  • Price on request
  • 10.30 am (duration: 3 hours)
  • Booking (hour in advance)
  • Location: GoBosnia Travel



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